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Ubiquiti G3 Flex Outdoor Wall Mount Pack UVC-G3-Flex-PWM-WT-3

The Camera G3 Flex Professional Wall Mount (G3 Flex PWM) is a versatile, splash-resistant outdoor mount for the Camera G3 Flex. With its durable, IPX4-rated polycarbonate chassis and flexible design, the G3 Flex PWM provides enhanced elemental protection for mounted cameras and grants you greater deployment flexibility, including upside-down mounting, so you can stage your G3 Flex models wherever you need enhanced camera security. You can also adjust the mount angle and camera orientation, or automate their adjustment, in the UniFi Protect application.

  • Ideal for staging Camera G3 Flex models outdoors
  • Upside-down mounting capability
  • IPX4-rated splash resistance
  • Adjust or automate mount and camera orientation with the UniFi Protect application



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