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Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch RE5V1C

  • Long story in short, it's a 5V wifi inching/selflock relay module by SONOFF
  • Just like a standard SONOFF switch, you can use it to work with eWelink app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT..etc
  • The 5VDC input, nano size and dry-contact output makes it different from traditional SONOFF product, there are two working modes for the product: inching mode and self-locking mode. users can switch these two modes on eWeLink app.when the module is switched to the self-locking mode, users can turn on/off the connected appliance instantly. when the module is switched to the inching mode, users can press the ON/OFF toggle button to turn on or off connected devices
  • The product enables remote control of home appliances through the mobile application eWeLink, available on both Android and iOS. Supported functions include:
  • Remote turn on/off
  • Timing Schedules
  • Device Sharing
  • Group Management
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
  • Works with Google Home, Google Nest
  • Works with IFTTT


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Additional Information :

Current 10A

Wifi Yes

Output 1 X Dry Contact

Mode Interlock/self-locking/inching

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