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Sonoff Smart Hub 433MHZ BRIDGE RFR2

  • Help 433MHz RF devices to communicate with WiFi devices, extend the smart home ecosystem
  • The bridge supports adding RF 433MHz devices up to 64 that SONOFF has released, like PIR3-RF PIR Motion Sensor and DW2-RF Wireless Door/Window Sensor, making your home smarter
  • Having dozens of RF433MHz devices and troubled in control them in a mess, this RF BridgeR2 will help you get rid of it. Just migrate them to your phone. With Compatible with 433MHz remote controller for easier control. You can add up to 16 devices and up to 64 buttons
  • Can add alarms to trigger the device by setting a smart scene. For example, once the door is opened (Matched with DW2 door/window sensor), you will receive a notification with your lights on automatically


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